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The Marco Polo Project

Updated April 01, 2017

THE MARCO POLO is still looking for a home!

   The Marco Polo Replica is 15 feet off the ground , 12 feet wide , 72 feet long on deck . The masts are 60 feet high and are donated.The rigging is cosmetic and the sails are furled. She sits on a steel cradle John Irving donated and the steel workers put together. She is made of white pine then pressure treated .The transportation across the Harbour bridge has been donated. There is no more trim to put on her. The Maliceets built the deck cabins for us . There is no keel so she can breathe. We want her around the Waterfront in Saint John . The Marco Polo weighs 9 tons . We have done a lot from a million dollar NFB film, 3 novels, 3 books , the only ship in the world to have 10 songs written about her( a suite) , 3 musicals, displays in 3 cities in 3 countries, murals , rooms , a bridge, many paintings, protected wreck site, declared by the Federal Government to be of National Historical Significance- a monument in front of City Hall, in our history books used in schools, a web site that has gone over a million hits, a 1/3 replica that was built with volunteers and donations and a positive story that has received a tremendous amount of world press. Our executive director is Gail Bremner. The chair of the Marco Polo is Gerry Pond and the Treasurer is Tom Creamer.

Mark Lloyd on YouTube Marco Polo Anthem for the Wind and Water

   December 26th ,2012 marks the 160th anniversary of the famed square rigger Marco Polo being declared The Fastest Ship in the World.On December 26th, 1852 the Marco Polo sailed into Liverpool UK after circumnavigating The World by The Cape of Good Hope ,Southern Africa , to Australia and back to the UK going around Cape Horn , South America [5months 21 days ,no ship had ever accomplished this at the time ].
   The Marco Polo was built in Saint John , New Brunswick, Canada in 1851 . She sailed for 32 years [most Tall ships sailed for 10 years]a great tribute to the shipbuilders of our community .Saint John was the third largest Tall ship port in the world and was the Center of our Golden Age of Sail . Today a replica has been built in Saint John , N B to remember this great ship and very successful icon of our past and symbol of our hopes and dreams of our future .She is truly a symbol of success !

The Marco Polo Project
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The Marco Polo Project

   Welcome to the official web site of The Marco Polo Project. It is our hope that this site will serve as an important source of knowledge about the Marco Polo for the Internet community, as well as providing a vehicle for continual updates on the status of the Project, and the dream to bring this great ship back to life.

   There is no better example of Canada’s role as a leading shipbuilding nation than the Marco Polo. With her innovative and visionary design, and tenacious spirit, the Marco Polo carved a place in nautical history, bringing New Brunswick and Canada to the forefront.

    Please take the time to fully browse this site, and learn some of the unique history of “The Fastest Ship in the World.” Sign our guest book and let us know your thoughts. We'd love to have you along on the voyage.